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chapter 16
Sharing and Exporting Your
Once you've finished editing your movie and are ready to share it with the world, Final Cut Pro allows you to
export your project in a number of different ways. The option you choose will depend on your movie's final des-
tination. Are you exporting a QuickTime movie file so that a client can review your work? Do you intend to play
your movie on an iPhone or iPad? Or do you want to post it to the web for the world to see? The answer to these
questions dictates which option you choose.
To share or export your movie, you must first select the Project in the Project Library or open it in the Timeline
with the Timeline window active. You can export only one Project at a time, and Final Cut Pro X doesn't allow
you to export a selected portion the way you could in previous versions. Before we get into some of the main
sharing options, let's look at how you can monitor the progress of your export.
Working with the Share Monitor
When you share a movie, Final Cut Pro launches the Share Monitor, a separate application available in the Dock,
which allows you to monitor the progress of your export (see Figure 16.1). To bring up the Share Monitor, click
the Share Monitor button under the progress bar that appears when sharing is taking place. You also can access
the Share Monitor via the Background Tasks window (press +9) by clicking the arrow next to the Sharing op-
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