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You can schedule cron jobs within the cron.xml file in the
project's WEB-INF folder. This view will be empty until you
create a cron job.
Cron Jobs
Task Queues
Task queues allow you to run code outside of a user request.
If an application needs to execute some background work, it
may use the Task Queue API. You can manage your task
queues from this console.
Datastore indexes are defined in the datastore-indexes.xml
configuration file for each application. Refer to Chapter 7 for
more details on datastore indexes.
Data Viewer
You can query data in the datastore directly from this view
using Google Query Language (GQL).).
In the application settings view you can set the Applications
Title, the Authentication Options, Cookie Expiration, and
you can manage inbound services like XMPP.
Invite other developers to contribute to the application.
Manage the different versions you've deployed, and set the
default version for the application. Figure 9-6 shows an
example of an application with three deployed versions,
where version 2 is the default version.
Figure 9-6. Multiple versions of an application
Admin Logs
The Admin log displays actions committed by application
administrators using the Administration Console or the SDK.
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