Graphics Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 3.2
The drawing and text tools in Edge
Animate are still quite rudimentary
Of course, in addition to the basic shapes, you can also import standard
graphics file formats. Since Edge Animate exclusively relies on open web stan-
dards, only formats viewable in HTML can be imported. For pixel-based images,
you can import JPG, PNG and GIF formats. If you want to use scalable, resource-
saving vector graphics, you can also use SVG graphics. External custom fonts
can also be added in Edge Animate. You will learn more about this in section 3.8.
Figure 3.3
In addition to common image formats,
vector graphics and fonts can also be
These image formats can be imported into the Edge Animate Library through
the File > Import dialog or dragged directly onto the Stage from the computer's
file system.
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