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7.4.5 Parallax Scrolling
Edge Commons also offers what is known as parallax scrolling, in which
different page elements move independently of the browser's current scroll
position. Normally this effect requires an advanced understanding of code, but
Edge Commons takes a very different tactic here, and maps the vertical scroll
position one-to-one with the main Timeline of your Edge Animate composition.
Thus, you can create any type of composition whose height is a multiple of the
height of the browser window.
4 Project
The files for this example can be
downloaded from http://edgebuch.
Project Name: Advanced_Parallax
Figure 7.9
In the parallax effect, composition
elements are animated in relation to the
vertical scroll position
This means you can animate individual elements as usual with the Timeline
and the Pin. With a little finesse, you can also visually create the timing of more
complex parallax animations without having to rethink the code every time. The
following illustration shows a typical parallax composition with the dimensions
1920 x 3200 px.
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