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We can then create a configuration object in the click action on the thumb-
nail that defines values such as dimensions and colors of the Spotlight overlay.
We define YouTube as the type , which in turn provides the two additional
parameters autoplay and media . The media property for YouTube is the
video ID, which is simply the URL of the video:
watch?v=92ECI8JmPn4. Use autoplay to specify whether the video should
start automatically. Then pass the configuration object to the EC.Spotlight.
open (config) function to open the overlay along with the video:
var config = {
width: 853,
height: 480,
borderWidth: 5,
borderColor: "#FFF",
type: "youtube",
param: {
media: "92ECI8JmPn4",
autoplay: true
The final overlay with the YouTube video looks like this in the browser:
Figure 7.8
The Spotlight overlay (Edge Commons)
can overlay and play a YouTube video on
top of a composition
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