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Vault |
All careers, all jobs, all the time. The Vault is not a creatives' site, but it has
research on over 3,000 companies (great for targeting an audience) and a daunting
collection of message boards where you can read what people who are (or were) work-
ing at these companies have to say about the experience.
Software self-help topics
You'll need to master at least one software program in making your digital
portfolio. There are many excellent topics to choose from as companions in your learn-
ing process—and there is usually more than one that covers a topic effectively. What
follows is simply my personal pick of topics that I think cover their topics well.
After Effects for Flash, Flash for After Effects | Richard Harrington
and Marcus Geduld
A particularly smart book for the motion or animation person who wants
to be able to work with both Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects to create a reel
and portfolio.
The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web | Dave Shea
and Molly E. Holzschlag
A truly well-designed website needs formats and good typography. With style
sheets, you can attain these goals. With this topic, by the creator of the CSS Zen
Garden and web guru Molly Holzschlag, you'll actually know what you're doing, and
why you'd want to do it.
JavaScript and Ajax for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart
Guide | Tom Negrino and Dori Smith
I'm prejudiced, because the authors are good friends. But I thought the topic
covered the subject beautifully even before I knew them. If you need a little website
scripting, this is the topic for you.
Web Design in a Nutshell | Jennifer Niederst
A clear and concise explanation of how to make a website, from soup to nuts.
The author knows what she's talking about, and she organizes it beautifully.
The Creative Digital Darkroom | Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan
A book that takes you into the more complicated and creative realms of image
editing. Particularly useful if you are looking for techiques to enhance your scanned
printed materials or photographed 3D art.
Digital Classroom Series from Wiley
This is a great series for a relative beginner who wants to understand the
basics of Adobe CS software. Each is a well-considered training package, particularly
the topics that cover Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver.
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