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Google has become the default search system, both for its own directories and
for those throughout the Internet. However, there are several independent sites whose
databases contain specialized information for creatives on the research prowl: directo-
ries, listings, career information, and helpful articles.
I n f o D e s i g n |
This international listing zeros in on resources for information designers. It has
live links to an alphabetical listing of firms from the U.S. to Japan, links to informa-
tion designers and information architects, and a jobs section.
CreativePro |
This is the mother of all directories for creatives. You can find every creative
association in the U.S., as well as a comprehensive listing of agencies, firms, publish-
ers, and suppliers.
The Firm List |
Looking for a web-design firm who might be looking for someone like you? If
so, this is a good first stop. Listings are sorted by state, then by city/town.
Career sites
With so many local or national career sites, it would be folly to try to list them
all. Everyone is familiar with sites like But there are other, more target-
ed sites that are also worth a careful look. I've provided three very different sites
from which to approach a job search: a targeted creative recruitment firm, a creatives-
only company, and a large, extremely rich general site.
Roz Goldfarb Associates |
Roz Goldfarb Associates is a recruitment firm in New York City specializing in
creatives of all sorts. Most of the jobs listed on its site are for established profession-
als, not entry-level candidates. They are broken down into job categories, and the
number of postings in each area is listed—a fast way to see what types of positions
are generating traffic.
The Creative Group |
The Creative Group is a staffing firm for marketing and advertising creatives. It
has placement offices in a variety of cities around the U.S. The website allows you to
search for opportunities by location and job description, as well as by keyword. Each
local area posts a small portfolio for their featured artists on the main website.
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