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R 1
R 2
Fig. 3.14 Same as in Fig. 3.13 . The energy is negative, E < 0. Now if L.R/ < L.a/, the ions with
L<L.R/reach the particle surface
Singular Attraction
Let the interaction potential have a singularity at r D a resembling the potential of
image force. Figures 3.15 and 3.16 show schematically the situation in this case.
When energy E is positive, function L 2 .r/ has a minimum at r D r
located at
r>aand L a D L 2 .r /.Atnegative E (see Fig. 3.16 )
L a D min L 2 .r /;L 2 .R/
where r
is the solution to the equation
L.r / D L a D min .L.r//; r a:
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