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Figure 3-20. Waveform of the track
You will be presented with an options dialog similar to Figure 3-21. Select the
lowest quality and click OK. Vorbis is a form of Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
encoding. VBR will use different bit rates throughout the track, depending on the
complexity of the audio for each segment. This can potentially produce a very
small file with reasonable quality as compared to a file encoded at a constant
bitrate with the same or less quality but a much bigger file size due to the
complexity of the audio.
Figure 3-21. Ogg Vorbis export options
The result of this encoding should be an audio track that should sound similar to
the original WAV file but with a file size less than 3 MB. The result from the test
track used for this topic when encoding in OGG's lowest quality setting is a file
size of 2.5 MB with no noticeable difference in sound quality.
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