HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In the terminal view, enter the following command and press enter.
sass --watch css/*.scss
This will look for any changes in your SASS files and automatically generate the
CSS file for you. You should see something similar to Figure 6-6.
Figure 6-6. sass --watch output
This will also look for changes in your partial files and then automatically
overwrite mobile.css with the new changes.
You will need to run this command everytime you open Aptana Studio and you
should also keep this terminal view open at all times.
Now that your CSS file has succesfully been generated, run your website in
Aptana Studio by right clicking on index.html going to Run As
JavaScript Web
Application. It will launch in Firefox, visit the URL displayed in the address bar on
your mobile device. You should now see something similar to Figure 6-7.
Figure 6-7. Momemo with CSS
If you're not seeing the new styles, head back to Aptana Studio, click on the
CSS folder and refresh it by pressing F5 on your keyboard. The new mobile.css
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