HTML and CSS Reference
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Enter your password and wait until the SASS gem has finished installing. To test
whether SASS has successfully installed enter:
sass -v
If SASS has successfully installed, you will see SASS's version number. To
install on Windows or Linux, there are installers and instructions on SASS's
download page at . If you do not have
Ruby installed, you must install it first. Download it from an d install. After Ruby is installed, run it
from Programs Ruby [version] Start Command Prompt With Ruby. From
there, run ''gem install sass''.
In order to test the mobile web site on Android devices outside of the
development environment a web server is required. Mac OS X comes with
Apache preinstalled, so it is just a case of turning it on.
In order to do this, go to System Preferences Sharing and enable Web
Sharing, as shown in Figure 1-7. Click the Create Personal Website Folder
button. This will create a folder for you to store your web content within your
Mac account that can be viewed in a web browser. To test it, click on the link
above the button. This will open your web site with a welcome page.
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