HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Click the install button to start the download and install process.
Select Accept All on the following screen and click Install. You should see a
window similar to Figure 1-6. The process to install the SDKs can take quite a
while, depending on your computer's capabilities and your Internet speed.
Figure 1-6. The Android SDK Manager package installer
After you complete these steps, you will have every version of the Android SDK
to test your mobile web apps with.
SASS is a CSS preprocessor. It allows you to nest CSS rules, use variables
within your CSS, reuse chunks of CSS (such as setting border radius on a group
of elements with mixins), and allows CSS rules to inherit others.
SASS will be used throughout this topic to write CSS. For SASS to work, the
SASS Ruby gem will need to be installed.
This is reasonably simple for OS X using Terminal. Terminal can be found in
Applications Utilities.
After you've opened Terminal, enter the following command:
sudo gem install sass
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