HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
NOTE: You can alter the appearance of the editors in Aptana to suite
your preference (e.g., you might want a dark or a bright theme to your
IDE). To do this, simply go to Preferences. The preferences window
will open. Use the filter in the top-left and type Themes. Click the
themes option in the menu below the search field. The default will be
Aptana Studio, but select any theme you like and click OK.
Android SDK
The Android SDK will allow you to create virtual Android environments to
develop against with different hardware configurations and SDK/OS versions.
There is a plugin for Eclipse that will allow you to manage, create, and configure
virtual Android devices and launch them from within Aptana.
Prior to installing ADT, you will need to enable the Eclipse Helios Update Site in
Aptana. This contains dependencies for the Android ADT plugin for Eclipse.
To enable the Eclipse Helios Update Site, go to Aptana Studio 3 from the Apple
task bar, then choose Preferences Install/Update Available Software Sites.
A screen, similar to Figure 1-2, will appear.
Figure 1-2. Enabling Eclipse Helios Update Site
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