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Setting Up Your Development Environment
Now that you have chosen a device to test against, it is now time to set up your
development environment.
My operating system of choice is Mac OS X Lion; however, the setup procedure
for other platforms is quite similar.
I have chosen open source or free applications to develop with. All of the
applications can run on Mac, Windows, or Linux.
Aptana is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for web development.
An IDE differs from a regular text editor, such as TextMate or BBEDIT, or web
site editors such as Dreameweaver. They will provide everything you need for
development out of the box and can be extended to suite your particular
development style or platform.
Aptana is based on Eclipse, so can support most, if not all, Eclipse plugins; it
will manage your virtual Android testing environments, perform code
completion, validate your code, and deploy it for you.
To download Aptana, head over to . Yo u will see the
download options shown in Figure 1-1.
Figure 1-1. Aptana download options
Select ''Standalone Version'' as shown in Figure 1-1, and click the download
button. Install it and proceed to installing the Android SDK.
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