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Carmen - a sweet pepper variety that harvests in approximately 75 days. A pepper
that grows to 6 inches (15 cm). The pepper ripens from green to red, though is sweet even
when green. Plant grows to approximately 30 inches (76 cm) tall.
Cherry Bomb - a hot chile variety; matures in approximately 85 days. Produces
small (2.5 inch (6 cm)) round cherry-like peppers, which pack quite a punch. A low plant
which makes it ideal for pots and patios.
Golden Summer - bell pepper variety. Harvests in approximately 70 days. This
variety produces a golden yellow, four-lobed pepper which has a sweet yet mild flavor.
Variety produces heavy yields per plant.
Japanese Fushimi - sweet pepper; harvests in approximately 60-70 days. A long,
slender pepper up to 6 inches (15 cm) long. Pepper has a unique shape, being somewhat
dimpled with twisting at the top of the fruit. Often used when green, which allows for an
early and productive season.
King Arthur (aka Fat 'N Sassy) - bell pepper variety. Harvests in approximately
65 days. Produces a tasty, thick-walled pepper, which ripens from green to red. Heavy pro-
ducer with good disease resistance. Ideal in areas of short season.
Mexibelle - bell pepper variety. Harvests in approximately 75-85 days. A bell pep-
per with a touch of heat. Produces a large pepper (5 by 4 inch (10-13 cm)) which ripens
from green to a deep red. Good disease resistance and robust enough to grow well in most
Poblano - chile pepper variety. Harvests in approximately 75 days. An elongated,
heart-shaped pepper, commonly used for stuffing. As the pepper ripens from a mild tasting
green (with a beautiful shiny wall) to a dark red, the heat of the pepper increases (this pep-
per is termed an Ancho ). Plants grow to approximately 30 inches tall (76 cm) with 4-6 inch
(10-15 cm) peppers seen.
Pompeii Patio - bell pepper variety. Harvests in approximately 70-75 days. A
dwarf variety which grows to approximately 18 inches (45 cm) tall. Peppers produced are
thin walled with a sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Ripens from lime green to orange.
Ideal for patios and pots.
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