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Growing peppers has to be one of the most entertaining fruits for a gardener to
grow. There is such a wide range of different peppers to grow, from small ornamentals, to
fiery chiles to deep colored bells, and that's even before we get to tasting them! Below is
a brief list of some varieties for you to try, with several selected for the patio gardener, or
those in cooler climates. Have fun growing them and keep on trying new varieties - your
new favorite is just around the corner!
Anaheim - mildly hot chile; harvests in approximately 75 days. A very popular
chile pepper. Chile peppers with medium-thick walls turning from dark green to a dark red.
A bushy plant providing good foliage cover. Grows very well to a height of 30 inches (76
Bellina - bell pepper variety; harvests from 70 days green to 80 red. This is a beau-
tiful ornamental pepper, growing from a compact plant of approximately 18 inches tall (45
cm). Produces large numbers of small (3 inch/7cm) bell peppers, which ripen from green
to a bright cherry red. Ideal for patios and pots.
Black Pearl - an ornamental pepper; harvests in approximately 100 days. A strik-
ing pepper plant which looks great in pots or hanging baskets. Has green leaves which turn
black. Peppers produced are red to provide an excellent contrast. Peppers are edible, but
typically grown as an ornamental.
Big Bertha - bell pepper variety. Harvests in approximately 75 days. Produces a
large pepper (up to 8 inches (20 cm) long and 4 inches (10 cm) wide). Grows well in most
conditions. Very popular variety.
Cajun Belle - a bell pepper variety that harvests in 60 days. This is a sweet tasting
pepper with a touch of heat, not normally associated with bells. This is a vigorous plant,
growing approximately 2 feet tall (60 cm). The peppers turn from a green to scarlet into a
beautiful deep red. Excellent for both pots and gardens.
Caribbean Red - a very hot chile pepper; harvests in approximately 110-120 days.
This is an extremely hot chile variety (can get readings of >300,000 Scoville units). 1 inch
(3 cm) tapered fruits produced, from a plant of approximately 30 inches (76 cm) tall. Care
must be taken if children are nearby, and gloves should be worn when handling. Care and
attention must be taken to ensure germination of these seeds. Not one for the faint-hearted.
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