Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Putting it all together
The example that will allow us to put together most of the APIs already studied since
the first chapter, is an online preregistration site. In this example, we will not write any
code. We limit ourselves to the presentation of an analysis of a problem that will help
you understand how to use each of the pieces of code that are used to illustrate points
in this topic, in order to make a quality application based on the latest functionality of
Java EE 7.
Presenting the project
The virtual enterprise software technology has received from a private university the
didate registration, validation of applications, and notifications of different candidates)
and provide a real-time chat room for connected students. Furthermore, for statistical
purposes, the system will allow the ministry of education access to certain information
from a heterogeneous application.
The system called ONPRINS must be robust, efficient, and available 24 x 7 during
periods of registration.
The business domain model in the following diagram represents the main objects of
our system (the required application will be built based on these objects):
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