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nally block to perform this task. But, with the try-with-resources statement
introduced in Java SE 7, EJB 3.2 added the implementation of the
java.lang.AutoCloseable interface in the EJBContainer class to free the de-
veloper from a task that could easily be forgotten and have negative repercussions
on the performance of a machine. Now, the embeddable EJBContainer will be
automatically closed at the end of a statement, provided that it is declared as a re-
sourceina try-with-resources statement. Thus, wenolongerneeda finally
block like in the earlier example, which simplifies the code. The following example
demonstrateshowtotakeadvantageofthe try-with-resources statementwhile
testing EJB with an embeddable EJBContainer :
public void testAddition(){
try(EJBContainer container =
} catch (NamingException ex) {
null, ex);
The final improvement of this specification concerns removal of the restriction on ob-
taining the current class loader when you want to access files or directories in the file
system from a bean.
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