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A MakerBot can help you solve all types of unexpected problems, turning an
ordinary mishap into an opportunity for heroism. The sense of pride you feel
in fixing something is magnified when you are fixing it specifically for a child.
Having a MakerBot can give super powers to ordinary parents, teachers, and
mentors, enabling ordinary people to become MakerBot Heroes.
Shoe trouble,
A parent and MakerBot is a powerful combination that can be put to work
solving the thorniest of childhood dilemmas, like tying shoelaces. Tying
knots in shoelaces has got to be one of the most ridiculous activities in
the world. It's difficult to learn as a child and can be the source of trauma
and endless frustration. MakerBot dad Lars shared this triumph on
One morning before kindergarten, his son had become so upset with his
inability to tie his shoe laces that he refused to wear his shoes to school.
That's when Lars, a true MakerBot Hero Dad, leapt into action! He quick-
ly designed and replicated spring-operated toggles on his MakerBot he
could get his child to school on time, as shown in Figure 3-1 .
Figure 3-1. Shoelace toggles
Missing key,
There are many other ways that a MakerBot can be used to save the day
at your house. Plastic toy parts are constantly being lost or broken,
sometimes with disastrous results. Thingiverse user snrk's son had lost
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