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I live in Idaho. Not many people, lots of room for critters. It had been a
tough year on the bears. A late summer meant not many berries and so
the local black bears are hungry and bolder than usual. My gal and I were
hiking in the local mountains. We parked my Westfalia full camper van
a few miles off the main road and left for a few hour's hike.
When we returned to the camper it looked trashed. It was covered in
mud, the lights were on, the wipers were pointing at the ground and the
driver's side mirror was gone. There were streaks of mud from eye level
down all around and roof vent was ripped open. Things inside were a
mess. The cover for the speedo was off and seats were torn.
Then I saw the Poop. It was in the corner of the back seat and about the
size of a dinner plate, sitting on this week's New Yorker magazine. I took
this as a bear's political statement: “This is Idaho - not New Yorker
country!” Although there was quite a bit of damage, it's hard to be angry
at a hungry bear. Luckily, there was no food in the camper, so the bear
pawed around looking for a way out, hence all the upholstery damage.
However, it is hard to drive a big camper van without a mirror. Luckily, I
have a MakerBot! I drew one, replicated it during breakfast, bolted it on
the original mount and voila'! The van is road worthy again!
Now, if only I could replicate fresh upholstery.
Figure 2-13. 1oldclown's mirror
Moving Physical Objects into the
The masterworks of three-dimensional art are joining the digital com-
mons. For art lovers, this technological moment represents a tremen-
dous opportunity.
— Virginia Postrel
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