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For me what was so awesome was that the Makerbot allowed a very
natural and intuitive design process/flow. I quickly mocked up a rough
design and replicated it. This allowed me to see where problems were
going to come up. I thickened it in areas and adjusted some dimensions
and printed another. I went through another two iterations to finally
come to the perfect design. This all happened within five hours of my
brother even suggesting the idea while still having time to watch a full
movie and eat dinner.
Figure 2-12. Yashica-D with lens hood
Bounce Back From a Bear Attack
This topic has explored many uses for a MakerBot desktop 3D printer, but
perhaps the most unusual was provided to us by 1oldclown. He had posted
a 3D file and images of a bright yellow plastic side mirror bolted to the side
of a VW Westfalia camper bus on Thingiverse (
thing:13071 ) with the following intriguing description, “After the bear stripped
the mirrors of my 85 bus, trying to get in”.
A bear attacking your vehicle is easily in the top 10 reasons for needing to
print things on a MakerBot. We asked 1oldclown to provide us the details of
his experience and how his MakerBot helped him to restore his vehicle after
the bear attack (see Figure 2-13 ).
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