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Repairing Relief Scans by Capping
Sometimes you have a mesh of a building or sculptural relief that is missing
a side, top or back and you need to create a closed model by “capping” the
object so you can print it. Meshes generated from 123D Catch scans often
have these issues when you are only able to scan the from part of a large
object. MeshMixer and netfabb can easily help you fix this problem, as well
as filling minor holes or removing disconnected parts.
If your model has a lot of extra “junk” in it, it is a good idea to
slice it off in netfabb before editing it in MeshMixer. However,
sometimes little parts will be impossible to slice off. When this
occurs, you can use the lasso tool in MeshMixer to select and
delete those stray bits of mesh.
MeshMixer doesn't have any labeled controls for panning and zooming
around your model - you need to hold down the key combinations while
dragging your mouse/trackpad to change your view (see also http:// ):
Basic MeshMixer View Controls:
• Alt + Left Click: orbit camera around object
• Alt + Right Click: zoom camera
• Alt + Shift + Left Click: pan camera
Fixing Holes, Non-Manifold Areas and
Disconnected Components
When you have a scan that is missing large portions of the mesh, you first
need to address the holes, non-manifold areas and disconnected compo-
nents. We will attack each problem in turn.
Open MeshMixer and import your STL or OBJ file ( Figure 9-27 ).
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