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colspan=" number
number "
Specifies the number of columns the current cell should span. The default value is 1.
headers=" id reference
id reference "
Lists header cells (by id value) that provide header information for the current data cell.
This is intended to make tables more accessible to nonvisual browsers.
rowspan=" number
number "
Specifies the number of rows spanned by the current cell. The default value is 1.
Indicates to which group of cells the header applies. For example, if scope=row , then the
header cell applies the subsequent cells in the same row.
sorted="reversed|number greater than zero" or both in any order
WHATWG and HTML5.1 only . Provides a means for users to sort table columns in
tables with the sortable attribute.
<tr> <th> Planet </th><th> Distance from Earth </th> </tr>
<tr><td>Venus</td><td>pretty darn far</td></tr>
<tr><td>Neptune</td><td>ridiculously far</td></tr>
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