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Sources of Energy Used
in the United States
Solar Power 1%
Water Power 36%
Oil (Petroleum) 40%
Geothermal Energy 5%
Power 8%
Energy 7%
Gas 23%
Coal 22%
Biofuels 53%
Wind Power 5%
Note: Figures are for the year 2007. No information is included for hydrogen fuel because it was not yet being used in large enough quantities.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration
was growing. Nearly 50 new reactors were being built around
the world in 2009, and more than 10 new reactors were
planned. Also, nearly 300 additional nuclear reactors had
been proposed.
This was a remarkable change from the situation in the
nuclear industry several years earlier. Then, the nuclear industry
seemed to be in trouble. A number of accidents associated
with nuclear reactors had occurred that caused many people to
be concerned about safety issues. The cost of nuclear power
plants also caused worries. It cost a great deal of money to
build new nuclear plants. It also cost a great deal to shut down,
or decommission , old ones.
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