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The Need for Alternative Fuels
More and more people have come to believe that the world
cannot rely on fossil fuels to provide so much of our energy
much longer. Coal, oil, and natural gas formed from the
remains of prehistoric plants and animals that died millions
of years ago. They are a relatively inexpensive and very
convenient source of energy. They have many uses. They heat
buildings, run cars and other kinds of vehicles, and are used to
make electricity.
Fossil fuels, however, have two big drawbacks. One is that
they are not renewable . It took millions of years for them to
form, and their supply is limited. Once they are used up, they
are gone. The other drawback is that burning fossil fuels emits,
or releases, certain substances into the environment. Some of
these emissions are harmful. They cause pollution that can
damage the health of people or other living things. In addition,
many scientists say that burning fossil fuels is causing Earth's
climate to change.
There are many
associated with fossil
fuels, such as the
harmful emissions
that enter the air
when these fuels
are burned.
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