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Class Library Dependencies
JasperReports leverages other open-source Java libraries to implement some of their
functionality. Some of the libraries JasperReports builds on include:
iText: iText is a PDF generation and manipulation library. It also has the ability
to generate and manupulate RTF, XML, and HTML documents. JasperReports
takes advantage of iText for exporting reports to PDF and RTF. More
information about iText can be found at .
JFreeChart: JFreeChart is a Java library for producing various charts,
including pie charts, bar charts, line and area charts, and the like.
JasperReports takes advantage of JFreeChart to implement its built-in
charting functionality. More information about JFreeChart can be found at .
Jakarta POI: Jakarta POI is a Java class library to create and manipulate
various Microsoft Office formats based on Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound
Document format. JasperReports takes advantage of Jakarta POI for
exporting reports to XLS (Microsoft Excel) format. More information about
Jakarta POI can be found at .
JAXP: JAXP refers to the Java API for parsing and transforming XML
documents. It is used by JasperReports to parse XML files and is included in
Java SE 5.0. It has to be downloaded separately when using earlier versions
of Java SE. More information about JAXP can be found at http://java.sun.
com/webservices/jaxp/index.jsp .
Jakarta Commons: Jakarta Commons is a collection of Java libraries
providing a large number of reusable components. JasperReports takes
advantage of the Digester, BeanUtils, and Logging components of Jakarta
Commons to complement JAXP for XML parsing. More information about
Jakarta Commons can be found at .
URLs are provided for informational purposes only. The
JasperReports class library already includes the required
JAR files listed here. There is no need for us to download
them to take advantage of their functionality within
Typical Worklow
The flow chart overleaf illustrates the typical workflow while creating reports with
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