Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
Warp. The Warp command was first intro-
duced in Photoshop CS2. It allows you to
distort an image into a number of predefined
shapes available in the Options bar (such
as Arch, Flag, or Twist). When you choose
Custom, several points can be freely dragged
to distort the image as desired.
Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical. These
simple commands let you flip an individual
layer without flipping the entire canvas.
The Free Transform command has one major
benefit over choosing individual transform com-
mands from the Image menu: Free Transform lets you apply trans-
formations in one continuous operation, which reduces quality loss
in raster images.
Open the file Ch04_Free_Transform_Additional.psd. Using the Free Transform
command, you can rotate, size, and flip the images to create a better layout.
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