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Resizing an Image
Most of your images will not be sized to the exact dimensions you
need. You have several options at your disposal. To change the size
of an image, you can use the Image Size or Canvas Size command.
You c a n a l s o u s e t he C r op t o ol or Fr e e Tr a n s for m c om m a nd t o
make an adjustment. You can use these choices individually or in
combination to achieve the desired results.
video 15:
Changing Image Size
Image Size
The Image Size command lets you permanently reassign the total
pixel count, as well as resolution, for a particular image. You can
also use this command to upsample or downsample an image.
This is an easy way to size an image to a specific height or width.
Let's put the command into action:
1. Open the file Ch04_Resize.tif from the
Chapter 4 folder.
2. Choose Image > Image Size or press
Command+Option+I (Ctrl+Alt+I).
The Image Size dialog box offers several
choices. You can choose to manipulate the
pixel dimensions of the image (measured in
pixels or percent). You can also modify the
print size, which is the size of the image when
printed. You can modify the print size based
on percent, inches, centimeters, millimeters,
points, picas, or columns. The most common
choices are percent, inches, or centimeters,
because most users easily understand these
units of measure.
3. Set the Document Size to measure in inches. Specify a new
height of 6 inches.
4. Be sure to select the Resample Image option if you want to
change the pixel dimensions. Choose the method to Resample
Image that is most appropriate for your image. Bicubic Auto-
matic is the most common method, but you may have special
circumstances. See “Choose an Interpolation Method” earlier
in this chapter.
Return of Focus
You can avoid the need for upsam-
pling by scanning or shooting the
image at a sufficiently high resolu-
tion. If you want to preview the
effects of changing pixel dimen-
sions onscreen or to print proofs at
different resolutions, resample a
duplicate of your image.
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