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2. Activate the Styles panel by choosing Window > Styles. Each
swatch represents a layer style. To apply a style, highlight any
layer (other than the Background layer or a locked layer) and
click a swatch.
3. If you need more looks, click the Styles panel submenu. You'll
find several options built into Photoshop. When you select a
new set of styles from the Preset list, you are presented with
a choice:
Append. Adds new styles to the bottom of the current list
Cancel. Does not load anything new
oK. Replaces the current list with new presets
You c a in a l s o lo a d s t yle s t h a t don't a p p e a r i in t he P r e s et l i s t .
Choose Load Styles from the Styles panel submenu. You'll find
a collection of styles called UAP Styles.asl in the Chapter 13
folder. If you'd like these new styles to appear in your Preset
list, locate the Presets folder inside your Photoshop application
folder. Any Layer Style library copied into the Styles folder will
appear as a preset the next time you launch the application.
You'll find these presets and 31 other styles in the UAP Styles set on the DVD.
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