Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Either drag the desired star tag onto the images or drag the selected images onto
the desired star tag. After making your selections, you'll see a small star below
each thumbnail you updated (Figure 1.20).
Figure 1.20 Organizer shows the ratings for each image just below its thumbnail. In this example, the icons show that each
image has a Rating, and is assigned to a Collection and has People and Other Tags.
To change the rating of an image, simply repeat Steps 1 and 2. If you want to
remove the rating completely, right-click on the star below the thumbnail and select
Remove Stars tag.
Note: Yo u c an only remove rating stars from one image at a time.
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Bridge, part of Photoshop CS2, also has the ability to add star ratings of zero to
five to images. To create ratings in Bridge, do the following.
Select the photo(s) you want to rate. To select multiple photos, press the Ctrl key
(Windows) or Command key (Mac OS) while clicking each photo.
On any of the selected thumbnails, click on one of the five dots below the
thumbnail and above the filename. The dots will update to show the number of
stars assigned to the images, as shown in Figure 1.21.
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