Image Processing Reference
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help with the selection and editing process. For example, you could select all images of
a particular color code to be printed or used in a slideshow.
File Browser does not support ratings. It has an option to flag files, but this
should not be confused with ratings. Flagging is useful for making selections before
batch renaming or bulk deleting; however, because an image is either flagged or not
flagged, the ability to filter using this method is less useful for other operations.
Note: Yo u c an fake the ratings support in File Browser by defining a Keyword Set named Rating and
using 1-5 for the keywords in that set. Clumsy, but it'll do in a pinch.
Ratings are purely subjective and have no real meaning to others. Use them criti-
cally to help you find your best images. After all, if you give every image five stars, the
ratings become useless for finding the best of the bunch.
Adobe Organizer
Organizer uses the Favorites tag set to apply ratings to images. To access the ratings
tags, expand the Favorite set by clicking on the triangle next to the star in the Tags
pane, as shown in Figure 1.19.
To apply ratings to photos you can either drag the star tag onto the photos, or
you can drag the photos onto the tags, just like all the other tags. Unlike the other tags
though, only one rating tag can be applied to each photo.
Start off by selecting the photo(s) you want to rate. To select multiple images,
press the Ctrl key while clicking each image.
Figure 1.19
Organizer uses Favorites tags to assign one to five stars to an image.
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