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Next, we need to create a new list named items . This list will be available for
all sprites.
9. In the script, we add sword to the items list.
10. Then, we use the hide block to hide the sprite.
When this script completes, the sword has changed places from inside the maze to the
players inventory. When it's in the inventory it can be used as a weapon to defeat enemies.
We will add that funcionality now.
1. We start another script with a when <s> key pressed block.
2. Then, we make a check with an if... block. Only when this resolves will we take
acion on the key press.
3. We check the if <items> contains sword block then we make the sprite go to <cat> .
4. Then, we need to create a new variable to save the direcion the cat is facing. We
name this variable catDir . It needs to be available for all sprites.
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