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Prepare for lift off
We will create a sword sprite which we can draw ourselves.
1. So, we start by clicking on the Paint new sprite icon.
2. In the editor, we start by choosing a brown color and the Rectangle tool.
3. We draw two rectangular boxes forming a T-shape. This will be the handle for
the sword.
4. Next, we switch to a gray color.
5. We select the Ellipse tool and drag out a long, narrow, oval shape to form the blade.
It doesn't look very sharp up close, but at the downscaled size, it will.
6. If you like, you can decorate the sword some more with a pommel, gems or
7. We name the sprite sword for use in the scripts.
Engage thrusters
The player won't have access to the sword right from the start. It will lie somewhere in the
maze. So to use it, the player has to make an effort to go and get it.
1. As the first step, we can again copy a createMaze listener script from another sprite.
2. We then create a second script staring with a when I receive startGame block.
3. We enter 5 in the set size to ()% block to make the sprite fit the maze. Perhaps your
sprite should be slightly bigger or smaller depending on how big you made the
4. We enter 45 in the point in direcion () block to place it diagonally.
5. Then, we use the show block to show the sprite.
6. We place it on a random free ile with the go to x: 60 * pick random 0 to 7 - 210 y:
60 * pick random 0 to 5 - 150 block.
Then, we can use the wait unil touching <cat>? block.
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