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9. Set the change <ghost> effect by (5) block. This will slowly make the sprite
transparent again as it grows unil it becomes invisible.
10. After the loop is done, add the hide block to hide the sprite again as follows:
There is a difference between the ghost effect and the show or
hide blocks. The ghost effect can make a sprite invisible, but it
will sill play a part in the program. You, as a viewer, just can't
see it, but the computer and other sprites can. When hiding a
sprite, it is completely removed from the program. It can't be
detected by anything or have any effect while hidden.
Now that the animaion of the explosion is complete, we can go on to the points system.
This will also funcion as the scoring system that determines whether the player loses or
wins the game. Perform the following steps:
First, click on the Make a variable buton, select for all sprites , and then
type points .
Let's also create a variable called level to keep track of how many levels the
player has completed.
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