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Basically, we make the ileGenerator sprite go to a new posiion on the stage repeatedly.
What should be illed in on the blanks requires some calculaions. We will leave those unil
the end of this step, so we can test the results while working on that formula as follows:
1. Insert a go to x:() y:() block inside the innermost repeat block.
2. When the sprite is posiioned correctly, pick a random costume with switch costume
to pick random <1> to <12> .
3. Then, we are ready to make a stamp on the stage.
4. After this, set the change <xIndex> by <1> block to count the first loop.
5. After the closure of the first loop, but before the second, reset the set <xIndex>
to <0> .
6. Also, set the change <yIndex> by <1> block to count the iteraions of the second loop.
7. When that's all done, we can add the hide block to safely hide the sprite again.
8. As a final step, add the broadcast block with a new message saying < startGame> as
follows; this message will noify all other game objects to get ready for a playthrough:
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