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Next, we need a few variables. These are available to all sprites.
Create ileSize to save the width and height of the iles.
Create xIndex to save the column in which we are drawing.
Create yIndex to save the row in which we are drawing:
8. Then, set the size and index by selecing set <ileSize> to <60> , set <xIndex> to <0> ,
and set <yIndex> to <0> .
9. Then, we have the show block to show the sprite, so it can start stamping its
costumes on Stage .
10. Add the repeat <6> loop to repeat the stamping operaion for each row on the stage
( 360/60 = 6 ).
11. Inside the first loop, immediately place another one, repeat <8> , to repeat eight
imes. This one is for each column. ( 480/60 = 8 ):
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