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The modified spear is now ready for duty.
Engage thrusters
We will allow the player to ire a spear from the diver's posiion when pressing the
Space bar. When the spear hits an enemy, the enemy will be removed immediately
(and possibly the player will earn a point). But we will work on that later.
1. Switch to the Scripts tab and start a new script with a when <green lag>
clicked block.
2. We will use the cloning technique, so let's first click on hide to hide the spear.
3. We also set the size to 30% in the set size to ()% block to make it to scale with the
diver and starfish.
4. Next, we add a forever loop that will contain the cloning process.
5. Inside the loop, we add a go to <Diver2> block so that the spear sprite will always
follow the diver sprite.
6. We also enter the value 90 in the point in direcion () block to make the spear
always face right.
7. We add an if () then condiion to check for player input.
8. We will check when the key is pressed using the key <space> pressed? block.
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