Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Mission briefing
In this project, we will work on the basic game controls and add enemies and an
environment. We will also create a power-up system, so that the player's character
can get stronger during the game.
It is necessary for the player to get stronger because in the next project, we will create
a challenging boss fight.
Why is it awesome?
This project will contain more different graphical elements than the previous examples.
Next to the player character, we will add muliple enemies, several costumes for the
player's weapon, and a layered environment consising of muliple sprites.
We will use these varied graphics for several different purposes. The color of the enemies
will show which type they are and what movement patern the player can expect from them.
The weapon costumes will show how powered up the weapon is.
Also with the mulilayered background, we will create a parallax scrolling effect,
giving the game an ariicial percepion of depth.
Your Hotshot objectives
We will build the game step by step; by irst creaing a player character, then adding
enemies, and inally adding the environment. The following are our objecives:
F Creaing a player character
F Creaing an enemy
F Adding enemy paterns
F Shooing those baddies!
F Creaing background images
F Using parallax scrolling to simulate depth
F Adding scores and power-ups
F Tweaking and balancing
Mission checklist
To speed up the process and allow us to focus on scriping, we will use the prepackaged
Scratch sprites wherever we can. Only some background sprites will be hand drawn.
Start with a new, blank Scratch project. Remove the Scratch cat as usual.
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