HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
A dditionA l CA s e 3
Creating a Web
Site for a Climbing
O b j e c t i v e s
• Create a complete Web site
from scratch
• Manage a collection of Web
site style sheets
• Manage different HTML5 and
CSS3 features on an integrated
Web site
Case | Cliff Hangers
One of the most popular climbing schools and touring agencies in
Colorado is Cliff Hangers. Located in Boulder, Cliff Hangers special-
izes in teaching beginning through advanced climbing techniques.
The school also sponsors several climbing tours, leading individuals
on some of the most exciting climbs in North America.
Debbie Chen is the owner of the school, and she is always looking
for ways to market her programs and improve the visibility of the
school. She has asked you to help her upgrade the school's Web
site. You'll start by working on a smaller version of the Web site that
you'll present to Debbie as a sample of what you hope to accom-
plish for the entire site. Your sample Web site will contain six pages:
a home page, a page describing the lessons offered by the school, a
page describing tours offered by the school, a page describing the
Cliff Hangers staff, a page containing a survey form for interested
customers, and a page describing the school's operating philosophy.
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