HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure AC2-1 shows a preview of the site's home page.
Figure Ac2-1
cornucopia Online home page
Complete the following:
1. Use your text editor to open the corntxt.htm and ceffectstxt.css files from the
addcases\case2 folder. Enter your name and the date in the comment section of
each file, and then save the files as corn.htm and ceffects.css , respectively.
2. Take some time to view the corn.htm file in your text editor to become familiar with
its contents and structure. Link the file to the ceffects.css style sheet file and save
your changes to the file.
3. Go to the ceffects.css file in your text editor. Create a style for the background of the
header element to: a) set the background color to white; b) display the back.png
file in the upper-right corner of the element with no tiling; and c) set the size of the
background image to contain . Use browser extensions when required.
4. Add two text shadows to the h1 heading within the article element. The first shadow
should be black with a 1-pixel offset in the horizontal and vertical directions, and a blur
size of 0 pixels. The second shadow should use the semi-transparent color (127, 90, 0)
with an opacity of 0.7, horizontal and vertical offsets of 5 pixels, and a blur size of
10 pixels.
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