HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
To learn how to use all of the various developer tools, read the online help informa-
tion for your browser.
You've now completed your work on the staff directory for the Monroe Public Library.
Kate will call you again as other issues with the library's Web site arise.
Session 10.2 Quick Check
1. Write a JavaScript function named CalcVol() to calculate the volume of a rect-
angular solid. The function should have three parameters named x, y, and z, and
should return the value of a variable named Vol that is equal to x*y*z.
2. Write the JavaScript statement to call the CalcVol() function with values of x = 3,
y = 10, and z = 4, storing the result of the function in a variable named TotalVol.
3. What is variable scope?
4. Specify the HTML code to access the JavaScript file library.js .
5. Specify the code to enter the single-line JavaScript comment Library of JavaScript
functions .
6. Specify the code to enter following multiline JavaScript comment:
7. What code would you enter to display the value of the userName variable in an
alert dialog box?
8. What are the three types of errors generated by mistakes in a JavaScript program?
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