HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
6. Test the file in the validator. Fix the errors as follows:
• Convert the attributes for the body element into style rules in the maa.css style
sheet. (Hint: The link , alink , and vlink attributes can be replaced with
pseudo-classes to set the colors of all hyperlinks, active links, and visited links in
the Web page, respectively, to white.)
• Create a style rule in the maa.css style sheet to set the background color and
width of the different tables and table cells in the page layout. (Hint: Use the id
values to identify the different table cells and embedded tables.)
• Use proper syntax for any empty elements.
• Create style rules to set the color and text alignment of the h4 elements in the
• Ensure that all two-sided tags are properly closed.
• Replace the use of the align attribute with the float style for the two inline
images aligned on the right margin of their container.
• Remove all deprecated elements and attributes.
7. Continue to validate your document until it passes the validation test for XHTML 1.0
strict. Once it passes, add an icon indicating that it has passed in a paragraph at the
bottom of the file.
8. Legacy pages often used tables to define the page layout. Nicole suggests that you
also create another version of this page in HTML5 that employs only CSS layout
styles. Open the maah5txt.htm and maah5txt.css files in your text editor. Enter
your name and the date in the comment section of each file, and then save them as
maah5.htm and maah5.css , respectively.
9. As best you can, recreate the appearance of the Gargoyle Collection Web page in
HTML5 format and using CSS styles.
10. Write a summary comparing the structure and complexity of the document design
using Web tables to the document design using HTML5 and CSS. Which one is eas-
ier to maintain and document for others?
11. Submit your completed files to your instructor, in either printed or electronic form,
as requested.
Case Problem 3
Explore how
to combine
elements from
MathML in a
single document.
Data files needed for this case Problem: back.jpg, math.css, mathml.txt, mhlogo.jpg,
quadtxt.xhtml, side.jpg
Math High Professor Laureen Cole of Coastal University, owner of the Web site Math
High, has been studying the XML vocabulary MathML and how it can be used to display
mathematical equations and information. She's asked you to create an XHTML document
that contains elements from both XHTML and MathML. A preview of the page that you'll
create is shown in Figure 9-31.
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