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figure 9-24
Replacing the font element and color attribute
3. Save your changes to the file, and then reload or refresh the W3C validator page
in your Web browser. As shown in Figure 9-25, the validator should now report
that the code for the works.htm file passes validation under XHTML strict.
figure 9-25
successful validation under XHtML strict
Once your document passes the validation test, you might want to make a note of this
fact in your Web page. The W3C provides code that you can paste into your document to
let others know that your document matches all of the validation tests. Tom suggests that
you add this code to the Wizard Works Web page.
To insert the W3C validation notice:
1. Scroll to the bottom of the W3C validator page, and then select the code sample
directly to the right of the validation icon image.
2. Click Edit from your browser menu, and then click Copy .
3. Return to the works.htm file in your text editor, and then paste the following
code directly below the closing </address> tag, as shown in Figure 9-26:
Indent the code to make it easier to read.
figure 9-26
inserting code for the W3c validation icon
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