HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
figure 8-65
Printout of recipe
9. Set the page size of the printout to 8.5
11 inches in portrait orientation with a
margin of 0.5 inch.
10. Hide the following page elements on the printout: page header, left section, right
section, all navigation lists, the aside element, the page footer, the h2 element
nested within a heading group, and the last paragraph in the article element.
11. Set the font size of all h1 headings to 200% with a bottom margin of 0.2 inches. Set
the font size of all h2 elements to 150% with a top margin of 0.5 inches.
12. Set the line height of all list items to 1.5 em.
13. Set the left margin of all ordered lists to 0.5 inches, displaying a decimal value.
14. Set a page break to always occur before the last h2 element in the page.
15. Save your changes to the file, and then return to the recipe.htm file in your text edi-
tor. Add a link to the dwprint.css style sheet file, setting the style sheet to be used
with a print device.
16. Save your changes to the document, and then view the printed version of the file or
preview the printed version in your Web browser. Verify that the contents and layout
resemble that shown in Figure 8-65.
17. Submit your completed files to your instructor.
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