HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
3. Scroll down to the first poem section. Directly below the Fire and Ice h2 heading,
insert an audio element with fireice.mp3 and fireice.ogg as the source files. Display
the audio controls.
4. Within the audio element, nest an object element for the fireice.swf Flash player.
Set the width and height to 345 pixels by 21 pixels.
5. Within the object element, nest an embed element for the fireice.swf file, setting the
dimensions again to 345 pixels wide by 21 pixels high.
6. Go to the next poem section. Directly below the Devotion h2 heading, insert
nested audio , object , and embed elements (as you did for Steps 3 through 5) for
the devotion.mp3 , devotion.ogg , and devotion.swf files.
7. Save your changes to the file.
8. Open the rf.htm file in your Web browser. Verify that you can play the YouTube
video only within the YouTube player, and that the ability to play the clip in full-
screen mode has been disabled.
9. Verify that you can play the two poetry audio clips in an HTML5-enabled browser.
10. Reopen the page in a browser that doesn't support HTML5 but does support
Shockwave Flash. Verify that you can play the two audio clips within a Flash player.
11. Submit your completed files to your instructor, in either printed or electronic form,
as requested.
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