HTML and CSS Reference
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Apply your
knowledge of
multimedia to
create a poetry
page with audio
samples from an
American poet.
Case Problem 1
data Files needed for this case Problem: devotion.mp3, devotion.ogg, devotion.swf, fireice.
mp3, fireice.ogg, fireice.swf, modernizr-1.5.js, poetry.css, rfback.png, rflogo.gif, rftxt.htm
American Poetry 121 Professor Debra Li of the English Department at Carston
University in Columbia, Mississippi, has asked you to help her create a Web page
devoted to the works of the poet Robert Frost for her American Poetry 121 class. With
your help, she has created a Web page that contains a short biography of the poet and
the complete text of two of his works. Professor Li would like to add sound clips of the
two poems to the page so that her students can listen to Frost's poetry as well as read it.
She also wants to add an embedded YouTube video clip. Figure 7-45 shows a preview of
the page you'll create for her.
Figure 7-45
the robert Frost web page
Complete the following:
1. Use your text editor to open the rftxt.htm file from the tutorial.07\case1 folder
included with your Data Files. Enter your name and the date in the comment section
of the file. Save the file as rf.htm in the same folder.
2. Scroll down to the figure element directly after the page header. Within the
figure element, create an object element linking to the YouTube video an d add parameters to the URL to disable the
ability of users to display the video in full-screen mode. Set the width and height
of the object to 320 pixels by 200 pixels. Within the object element, nest an
embed element linking to the same YouTube video with the same parameters.
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