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Figure 7-28
Parameters of the Flash player
bgcolor # rrggbb | color name
Sets the background color of the Flash player
Contains text values that are passed to the Flash player as
variables to control the behavior and content of the movie
Identifies the embedded Flash movie so that it can be
true | false
Plays the movie in a continuous loop
true | false
Displays the full Flash popup when a user right-clicks
the movie
Names the embedded Flash movie so that it can be
true | false
Starts playing the movie automatically when the page loads
quality low | autolow | autohigh
| medium | high | best
Sets the playback quality of the movie; low values favor
playback speed over display quality; high values favor
display quality over playback speed
Defines how the movie clip is scaled within the defined
space; a value of showall makes the entire clip visible in
the specified area without distortion; a value of noborder
scales the movie to fill the specified area, without distor-
tion but possibly with some cropping; a value of exactfit
makes the entire movie visible in the specified area without
trying to preserve the original aspect ratio
showall | noborder |
window | opaque |
Sets the appearance of the Flash player against the page
background; a value of window causes the movie to play
within its own window in the page; a value of opaque
hides everything in the page behind the clip; a value
of transparent allows the page background to show
through transparent colors in the movie
For example, if you wanted to set the playback quality of a Flash movie to high, you
would add the following parameter to the object element:
<param name=”quality” value=”high” />
Note that Flash movies with high display quality may suffer from ragged playback, so you
must test your video clips to ensure that the speed of each clip is still sufficient for viewers.
Maxine suggests that you set the playback quality of the rwdance.swf clip to high .
She also asks you to change the menu settings so that viewers see only the brief version
of the popup menu rather than the full version. Using a brief Flash popup menu is a stan-
dard approach on the Web so that viewers cannot change the playback settings chosen
by the clip's author.
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