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Review Assignments
Practice the skills
you learned in
the tutorial using
the same case
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: kpaf.jpg, kpaf2.css, modernizr-1.5.js,
morningtxt.htm, programstxt.css
Kyle has had a chance to work with the KPAF nightly schedule page. He wants you to
make a few changes to the layout and apply the new design to a page that displays the
KPAF morning schedule. Kyle already has entered much of the Web page content and
style. He wants you to complete his work by creating and designing the Web table for
the morning schedule. Figure 5-53 shows a preview of the morning schedule page.
Figure 5-53
KPAF morning schedule
Complete the following:
1. Use your text editor to open the morningtxt.htm and programstxt.css fi les from the
tutorial.05\review folder. Enter your name and the date in the comment section of
each fi le. Save the fi les as morning.htm and programs.css , respectively, in the same
2. Go to the morning.htm fi le in your text editor. Insert links to the kpaf2.css and
programs.css style sheets.
3. Scroll down the fi le and directly below the paragraph element, insert a Web table
with the class name programs .
4. Add a table caption containing the text All Times Central .
5. Below the caption, create a column group containing three columns. The fi rst col
element should have the class name timeColumn . The second col element should
have the class name wDayColumns and span fi ve columns in the table. The last col
element should have the class name wEndColumns and span two columns.
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