HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Session 5.2 Quick Check
1. What HTML attribute do you add to the table element to set the space between
cells to 10 pixels?
2. Specify the CSS style to collapse all adjacent borders within a Web table into
single borders.
3. Two table cells have adjacent borders. One cell has a 5-pixel-wide double
border and the other cell has a 6-pixel-wide solid border. If the table borders are
collapsed, what type of border will the two cells share?
4. In the case of confl icting styles, which has highest precedence: the style of the
row group or the style of the column group?
5. What style would you use to align the content of all table header cells with the
bottoms of the cells?
6. What style would you use to display the table caption in the bottom-left corner
of the table?
7. Provide a style rule to display the paragraphs within all article elements in
three columns separated by a 1-pixel solid black border.
8. Provide a style rule to display the contents of all div elements belonging to the
columns class in a columnar layout with the column widths set to 250 pixels
and the space between the columns set to 10 pixels.
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