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Defining a Table Structure
• To mark a Web table, enter
<table> rows </table>
where rows are the rows of the table.
• To mark a table row, enter
<tr> cells </tr>
where cells are the table cells contained within the row.
• To mark a cell containing a row or column heading, enter
<th> content </th>
where content is the content of the heading.
• To mark a cell containing table data, enter
<td> content </td>
where content is the content of the table data.
Kyle's proposed Web table from Figure 5-2 contains 10 rows; the fi rst row contains the
days of the week, and the nine rows that follow list the KPAF shows from 6:00 p.m. to
10:30 p.m. in half-hour intervals. For now, you'll insert tr elements for just the fi rst three
rows of the table. You'll also include a class attribute, placing the table in the schedule
class of elements to distinguish it from other tables on the KPAF Web site.
To insert the Web table:
1. Return to the schedule.htm file in your text editor.
2. Directly above the closing </section> tag, insert the following code, as shown in
Figure 5-3:
<table class=”schedule”>
Figure 5-3
Marking a table and table rows
table element marking
the Web table
table rows
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